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Why We're So Different

Demming Bass has worked with the world's biggest brands - from Google and Constant Contact to the smallest of start-ups. He's seen what works and what doesn't. And he's helped more than 25,000 business owners and nonprofit leaders learn how to be better marketers and grow their businesses efficiently.


How many times have you spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on the latest marketing fad, new website, or social media channel only to find your hard-earned money wasted with no boost in sales or profits?


At New Marketing Makeover we help clarify your brand message so your marketing works better. 



Demming knows how hard it is when you wear dozens of "hats" every day and pulled in so many different directions.


Deadlines, regulations, dealing with customers or inventory, and the constant "putting out fires" make it difficult (if not almost impossible) to communicate clearly and proactively in a way that helps customers engage. Many times you may be resigned to the terrible habit of simply copying and pasting the same old article, email, or ad from last month or last year, updating it and hitting send - hoping to get a positive result.


With so much competition out there today, your revenue and sales growth may be stagnant, getting repeat customers is still a struggle, and you have no way to predict how your income streams will look one month or six months from now. 


Often, it's the unpredictability and uncertainty that worries you the most. And that can cause lots of sleepless nights.

Demming understands exactly how you feel because he knows what it's like to grow a business from scratch. And he's learned from the thousands of business owners and leaders he's worked with over the years. 


Those experiences helped him understand what works and what doesn't. To research, test, and master the proven strategies, systems, and tools that will turn your business or nonprofit stagnation into success.



Since 2013, global brands like Google and Constant Contact have relied on Demming to coach and train thousands of businesses and nonprofits to be better marketers.


In addition to growing his own businesses, Demming achieved remarkable success within numerous multi-million dollar organizations over his career. His marketing and branding strategies helped increase revenues by $2.4 million at one chamber of commerce (during a recession in fact) and increased revenues by $740,000 in less than three years at another.

"Demming's marketing and branding strategies really revolutionized our chamber, boosted our revenue, and dramatically increased our influence," says Gwinnett Chamber President Jim Maran. 

As Constant Contact's Regional Development Director for the Southeastern United States, National Trainer and Speaker for Google's innovative "Grow With Google" program, and a former StoryBrand Certified Guide, he has coached and taught more than 25,000 businesses and nonprofits how to become better marketers - many dramatically increasing revenues after applying the best practices he shared. 

"Demming taught thousands of businesses and nonprofits how to be better marketers and boost profits. His simple, proven advice and framework are like gold," says Wendi Caplan Carroll, Constant Contact's National Director of Field Sales and Marketing.


Going through the New Marketing Makeover, you'll not only walk away with the physical plan, collateral, and content, but you'll also learn the WHY behind the plan and the proven formulas used the world's greatest brands like Apple, Disney, Charity: Water and more.


Successful marketing always begins with words - the words you write and speak when trying to reach and attract customers.


That's where we begin. And that's what sets us apart. 

We create for you a customized Brand Message Strategy and Script that tells the story of your customers and the role you play to help them achieve success.  Telling this story in this way translates into more sales and bigger profits.

If you'd like to take your marketing to a completely new level that blows away the competition, we will also create and manage all of your marketing and branding collateral and needs including the 5 additional pieces of marketing collateral for you that today's top business brands use, including:

  1. A website that engages

  2. A new lead generating pdf to capture thousands of new customer prospects

  3. An email drip/nurturing campaign that converts

  4. An effective sales letter that will close high-value customers, and

  5. Three perfectly written testimonials that people will read and believe.

Businesses and nonprofits that simplify and clarify their messaging win in the marketplace. That should be you. Why wait any longer?

Schedule a free marketing assessment today.



Named one of Georgia's Top 100 Most Notable Georgians by Georgia Trend Magazine and the Atlanta Business Chronicle's Top 40 under 40 most influential leaders, New Marketing Makeover Founder and National Google Speaker Demming Bass is an accomplished and proven business and nonprofit leader who has been nationally recognized for his extensive branding and marketing communications, public policy, leadership development, and business development successes.


In addition to starting and running three successful businesses himself, his diverse career includes more than 20 years of in-depth experience in management at one of the nation's top SaaS (Software As A Service) companies - Constant Contact - as their Southeastern U.S. Regional Development Director and as a chamber executive at four of the nation’s top chambers of commerce/economic development organizations (Cary and Raleigh in the Research Triangle of NC, and Gwinnett and Cobb Counties in Metro Atlanta, GA). Demming was also a StoryBrand Certified Marketing Guide from 2017 - 2020.


Because of his expertise in marketing and small business coaching, Google contacted him in 2017 to become one of their first official national speakers and trainers for their Grow With Google Program.


Adding to the awards and honors above, Demming has garnered numerous local, statewide and national honors and awards in recent years including:​


  • Constant Contact's Regional Development Director of the Year in North America

  • Georgia Trend Magazine’s “Top 40 Under 40” most influential leaders in Georgia

  • Cobb Life Magazine’s “Top 20 under 40” most influential leaders in Cobb County

  • Recipient of the National “Best of Show Award for Communications Excellence” – the top chamber communications award in the nation – two national “Grand Awards” and 40+ national Awards for Communications Excellence from the national chamber association, ACCE


Demming has been a regular presenter at regional and national conferences including the American Chamber of Commerce Executives National Convention and the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives Conferences for Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and the Carolinas. His articles and columns have also been featured in The Business Journals nationwide as well as for the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Raleigh News and Observer and Triangle Business Journal.


Demming has served in a leadership capacity at state and national levels, including as the former National Communications Division Chairman and National Awards for Communication Excellence Chairman for the American Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE), Board of Regents for the US Chamber’s Institute for Organizational Management at the University of Georgia, Chairman of the United Way of Cobb County’s 2012 Campaign, and Board Member for the Cherokee-Cobb Joint Economic Development Authority.


He graduated cum laude from North Carolina State University with a BA in Communication and was named the NC State Alumni Association’s Outstanding Alumni in the field of Communication and Public Relations.


He is a 2000 IOM graduate from the US Chamber’s Institute for Organizational Management at the College of Charleston.

Need more details? Contact us.

We are here to assist. Contact Demming at 678-414-4508 or

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